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Teaseed Oil Extraction Machine

Type: crude oil extraction from teaseed cake
Processing Material: teaseed
Capacity: 30-500T/D
Major equipment: extractor, D.T.D.C desolventizer-toaster, 1st evaportator, 2nd evaporator stripping tower, dryer, condenser, absorber

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Description of the oil extraction machine

The LINGFINE petroleum extraction technology adopts the advanced and best oil extraction method planned by soaking or spraying organic pre-pressed cakes. This scientific line of edible oil extraction process ensures stable and reliable operation, high oil yield and low residual oil.

Application: extraction of crude oil for the pre-pressing of high-oil content materials and direct direct extraction of a low-oil material, such as an oil-based cake, a satin cake, a cake Coconut, a peanut, a sesame

General Introduction of Vegetable Oil – Oil Extraction Processing Line:

Edible oil extraction scientifically designed with high oily yield and low residual oil. LINGFINE adopts solvent pumps that combine with a rotary extractor to continuously sterilize the solvent on a pre-compressed cake inside the rotary extractor. The fat can be dissolved in a solvent until consuming food and malevolence.

High-efficiency separation of miscella. The phospholipid and the impurities in the miscells will react after the addition of 10% salt water to the miscella reservoir to obtain the purification of miscella. D.T.D.C desolvenizer-toaster separates the solvent from the wet meal of the teased cake.

Removal of the solvent in miscella. The miscella pickling tower will remove the solvent in miscella, and the solvent will be discharged into the condenser for recycling. The overflowed crude oil will be purely extracted after separation of the cooled gaseous solvent from the wet and miscella meals for recycling in the condenser.

Detail of Teaseed Oil Extraction Machine


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