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Palm Kernel Oil Pressing Machine

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Description of palm kernel oil pressing machine

Introduction of palm kernel oil:

Pam bean oil pressing is different from the fruit pressing line of palm pressing fruit. Palm oil contains lauric acid (C 12) with a high saturation of 80%. Traditional palm oil indicates pressed palm oil palm oil (CPO), and refined palm oil (RPO), does not include palm oil.

Application: Pressure of high efficiency crude oil from palm seed with low oil content

Flowchart of the process of palm seed oil pressing machine:

Palm kernel oil that presses the production line Introduction:

• Crushing of the palm kernel. Grind the palm kernels after softening and drying. The centrifugal crusher breaks the nuts and separates the core of the palm completely.

• Separation of the peel from the palm and nuts. Dry and moist separations are available. The wet separation is mainly used in the separation of the palm kernel, based on the difference in relative density of the palm kernel and the shell.

Drying the palm seed. Fresh grain contains 20% moisture. The palm core has no mold during transportation and storage while moisture falls below 7%.

Ñ ​​Pressing the oil from the palm seed. Palm oil that presses the processing line is simple with the usual oilseeds. The oil pressing machine can obtain 1/4 palm oil, and the residual oil needs to press twice.

Detail of Palm Kernel Oil Pressing Machine

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