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Grape Seed Oil Cold Solvent Extraction

Grape seed oil content is 14% to 17%, containing large amount of unsaturated fatty acid, major in linoleic acid content up to 58% -76 %. Low temperature No. 4 solvent extraction can make high efficiency oil extraction from pressed grape seed oil cake.

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Description of Cold Oil Grape Seed Solvent Extraction

Grape seed oil can be available through oil press and oil extraction. Oil press has a weak oil yield, high impurity, and unsaturated fatty acid broken during the high temperature extrusion process. Oilmachineworld designs no. 4 extraction technology of grape seed oil solvent, completely new industrial technology, offered by a low solvent boiling point, temperature and gaseous, volatile pressure.

No. 4 introduction of oil processing line of the extraction of the solvent grape:
Part 1 grape processing line seed oil of:
Grape seed – impurity – temper and temper – softening – peeling – low temperature extraction (low temperature storage) – raw grape seed oil – oil refinery – finished grade seed oil
Grape seed pretreatment process part 2
Seed Grade – transport – removal of impurities – softening – removal of iron – scaling – drying – extraction plant

Grape seed instruction of the extraction of oil:
Vibrating sieve removes impurities from grape seed raw material, removes the peel and other impurities clearly. Conveyor sends material of softening in softening pot, improves the temperature to 65-80¡æ after adding water, holding a certain time of about 15 minutes to soften even more. Removes iron, sends embryo machine to get cake 0.3 mm, keep 8% moisture peeling, and sends flakes of grape seed oil extraction plant.

No. extraction process of grape seed oil solvent:
The extraction of grape seed oil is processed under pressure 0.1-0.7mPa and under ambient temperature. It realizes extraction of the low temperature of the raw materials. Solvent in extracted flour and the crude oil is removed completely under low temperature and vacuum conditions. The solvent can be recycled after use liquefaction.

Advantages of No. 4 Solvent for Extracting Grapeseed Oil:
Not only can it reduce the cost of processing grape seed oil, but also create conditions for the extraction of vegetable proteins for qualified grape seed oil materials.
Simple method is realized of low desolventization temperature, avoiding the degeneration of vegetable protein.
Low fuel consumption, steam, no pollution.

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